See Jesus Judged For Your Sake

See Jesus Judged For Your Sake

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To see God’s grace toward us when we are sick is to see what Jesus did for us at the cross. Just as it was important for the Israelite’s to eat the lamb roasted on that first Passover night before they walked free the next day, God wants you to see His provision for your healing—Jesus, the true Lamb of God—“roasted”. He wants you to see Jesus smitten by His judgment for your deliverance and redemption.

Beloved, see Jesus carrying your symptoms and diseases on His own body. See Him taking one lash after another until His back was shredded to ribbons. See Him falling again and again under the brutality of the scourging, only to rise again and again for more beating until ALL your diseases were healed! Receive your healing as you receive what His perfect finished work at the cross has accomplished for you!

– Joseph Prince