3 Habits of a Healthy Heart

3 Habits of a Healthy Heart

If your heart is going to have overcoming righteous habits, you have to know what to hate. Train yourself to love what’s good for you. You can love what it does for you and yet hate what it does to you: (There are certain things in your life that will not change until you hate the dysfunction the outcome produces) The behaviors that you have to hate are the things that give you short term outcomes that you like. LOOK AT WHAT IT ACTUALLY PRODUCES!

Sometimes the place you go to hide is more dangerous than what you are hiding from. Where do you go when you are attacked? The enemy will bait you to hide from him in his own territory. Some people don’t even know that you’re hiding because you’re hiding behind an image to keep from being hurt. “God is your rightful hiding place.” God can’t protect you if you’re running to the very one who is attacking you. Don’t hide in what you hate. This year, you should be running to God. (My heart knows where to hide.)

A healthy heart knows how to hope in His promise. Hope is a verb; it is something that you do, not have. Are you putting your hand to what you hope for? Real hope is active it is not passive. Hope is what covers you. My hope is not in my path, but in my promise.